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Ready to Play Online Keno Games?

Online keno is a perfect mix of the sweet nature of bingo and sheer excitement of lotto.

In recent years, online keno games have gained lots of attention worldwide. Free online casino gambling has become the norm and as a result, more and more people across the globe are being introduced to online keno free options!

It’s Simple to the Core

So what makes keno so simple? Well, if you think that all the credit goes to the straightforward rules of the game, think again! To a certain extent this is a major aspect and keno offer a very easy game to play. But to a larger extent, a lot of credit must be given to the online technology that allows us to play keno without worrying about whether you have marked the right numbers or not. Or whether the keno runner will come to you to collect your ticket before the next game starts. For these reasons, online keno games have been the reason for a massive keno revival!

The online keno games is so simple that it takes just two lines to describe the rules of the online keno game:

  1. Just place the bet of your choice and select up to 15 numbers of your preference.
  2. Play 1, 5 or 10 rounds on these selected numbers and watch your numbers being matched to the 20 random numbers drawn by the computer.

Focus on Fun Versus Tricky Strategies

Unlike other free online casino gambling games like, blackjack, poker and craps, keno is all about fun. No complex strategies are involved. Online keno is all about luck as the random number generator selects and draws all the numbers randomly. So, there’s no point wasting time looking for some specific patterns or working out some elaborate, hard-to-learn strategy. Simply select your lucky numbers and wait till you hit some of these. You’ll love our online keno games!

Massive Jackpots to Hit

Another reason why online keno game is synonymous with “huge hit?” No other game provides for the opportunity to win massive jackpots without putting in much effort or investment! When the question is about huge payouts, keno is a winner. It offers some of the biggest jackpots online! If you select the maximum numbers and bet with higher limits, you can win the rewards that are big enough to celebrate throughout your entire life!

So, all set to dive in the stream of your lucky numbers and see them turn into a stream of cash? Well, then it’s time to download our software and enjoy free online keno games!

Online Blackjack

Welcome to the Club Player Casino, an online casino where you can play the best and most popular online blackjack games, online keno and other online casino games.

Try your luck or out test your skills as you play online blackjack - one of the most thrilling and rewarding games you can play! At Club Player Casino we offer 6 different blackjack variations, including, the classic blackjack game! Come in and enjoy the most popular "21" variations like  Pontoon, Super 21, Match Play 21, Face Up 21, and Perfect Pairs!

In addition to online blackjack, at Club Player Casino, you can also play free keno online games! Choose all your lucky numbers and earn a fortune once they are hit! This lottery-style game is currently one of the biggest hits in the online casino scene.  Similar to blackjack - it's simple to play and easy to win!

Apart from being able to play keno online games and online blackjack, as a player with Club Player Casino, you can also enjoy a huge selection of other popular online casino games as well! Enjoy a great online video poker game, one of our amazing video slot machines, American or European Roulette and much more! Our games are available round the clock and our technical support team works hard to ensure that the games are available whenever you want to play them. Our games and our staff are standing by 24/7 so you can enjoy all our great casino games in the comforts and privacy of your own home, on your own schedule!

Keep in mind, in addition to our technical support team, our professional and highly trained customer support staff is always ready to resolve any issues you might have while playing casino games. Want to get started? Check out a variety of Online Casino Games offered by Club Player Casino!

Blackjack Games

What makes you play online blackjack? Blackjack is often referred to as the game that requires the most strategy.  This doesn't mean that it's a difficult game to play; it just means that there is more than just luck involved in winning! Blackjack players serious about winning know that online casinos are a great place to start. Aside from the odds always being better online (as online casinos have less expenses, they can offer better odds to stay competitive), players can try out strategies in the fun/practice casino mode where they can play with play chips and work out their new strategies. Then, once they're ready to win big, they can switch back to the real money mode to start raking in the cash!

There are many online websites that offer blackjack games however, it's important to choose one with a solid reputation to make sure you're getting the best casino experience.  We're happy to say that Club Player Casino is one of the renowned names in the online gambling industry! We specialize in all types of casino games online and offer some of the best service and support in the industry.

How to Play Online Blackjack

As we mentioned before, Blackjack truly is a pure mix of luck and strategy.  Online blackjack is fun, suspenseful and most of all, highly rewarding.  Sometimes also referred to as the game of 21, blackjack involves two main parties to play.  The game is played between the player and dealer. Suppose you are playing a blackjack game online, in that case you will be the player and you will be playing against the dealer (the computer).

In this game each party is dealt two cards each with which they have to make a number nearest to 21. The sum of both cards can be nearest to 21 or 21 but can not exceed it. You can always access two of your cards and any one of the dealer's card while you are play blackjack game. The first party to reach 21 wins the game.

Why Play at Club Player Casino?

If you're simply looking for the best in online blackjack games, free online keno games, video slots, the best online video poker game selection and much more... Club Player Casino is your place! We offer huge jackpots, unmatched fun, privacy, the best service online all wrapped up in incredible bonus offers! Come join us today and experience the difference that Club Player Casino offer for yourself!


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